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Considero esta a nossa prenda de natal atrasada. Já a algum tempo que estava a espera de estra entrevista e chegou ontem. Fomos á conversa com Harrison Boyce. Quem não conheçe, é o fundador do Defgrip.net e é o graphic designer da Macneil bmx. Fiquei muito contente com o resultado, disfrutem esta entrevista e comentem :)

Interview Harrison Boyce

Age: 26

Location: Vancouver, BC

Hey man. Can you introduce yourself has a person?
My name is Harrison Boyce and I’m a graphic designer/ art director. I was born in Seattle, WA, but have been living in Vancouver, BC for the past three years. I run Defgrip.net and art direct for MacNeil BMX.

When was your first time you really knew BMX was meant to be your thing?
I’ve always been into bikes and rode them constantly as a kid, but I think the first day I rode “real” trails, when I was 12 years old that was when I got 100% into it. From that day on, I basically rode BMX every day for 10 years.

Talking about the Macneil BMX, How did you got involved with? What’s your daily routine on working for them?
The trails I found when I was 12 were called Heatherwood and it was one of the first places that I met real BMXer’s. One of the kids I became good friend with was Nick Halsey. Years after we met, Nick got sponsored by MacNeil. He was one of their first riders and started to bring me up on trips to Canada. Through Nick I met Jay Miron and Darcy Saccucci from MacNeil. They sponsored me when I was 18 and a few years later they needed a new websites. I had a small BMX site called Elamenop, that was basically just photos and new of me and my friends, but through Elamenop, Jay and Darcy knew that I could build websites. After I built the new MacNeil site, I kind of pressured my way into doing more work for them, like print ads and t-shirts, which basically turned into me doing everything related to graphics for the company.

So, the stuff I do for MacNeil includes everything related to the web – building the site, updating the blog, shooting product photos, etc. I create all the bike and part graphics, design the clothing, packaging and trade show booths. I also shoot a lot of photos, action and product and film and edit a lot of videos.

There’s a lot that’s involved, but it’s an amazing job!


And about defgrip.net? Around here people are always talking about something that was seen on it, and is very well know for all. When did it started and why?
That’s cool that people are talking about Defgrip out there! I started Defgrip as a blog for me and my friends to share our inspiration. It started as a really small project with no real plans, but it quickly turned into a pretty big website. From the start, I always wanted to have it be a place where BMXer’s could go to see cool stuff going on outside of BMX, like in photography, design, and fashion…

Outside of riding your a videographer, Did you go to school at all or was it mostly self-taught?
I went to school for graphic design, but picked up everything else on my own. I started to film for MacNeil because I would be on trips or riders would come to Vancouver and we’d need someone to do it. I shot photos for years, so I picked up video pretty quickly.

As a graphic designer that you are, was this something that grew up with the BMX side, or was something that you have done before on your daily basics?
I’ve always been into art, but BMX really helped me get exposed to art and design culture. I’m really not sure if I would have ended up as a designer if I didn’t ride BMX. It’s very interesting to think about what my life would be like if I never got in to BMX…


Can you ask to your boss ( Miron) if he has some memories from Portugal??? (Since he was here twice, and he always talked about the city of Portimao, where bmxworlds 98 were located, and where we are based(bmxatitude)).
I’m on an airplane right now and cant’ really hit him up, but we can send him a few questions later if you wan?

Ride every day?
I don’t ride every day, but I still ride as much as I can. Over the past few years, I’ve transitioned into loving design and working almost as much as I love riding bikes. So I get super psyched everyday when I wake up and get to design and be creative.


Music, what do you listen?
For music I listen to a lot of different stuff. I was just listing to some Bonobo a few minutes ago, but I have a really wide rage of music that I like. I grew up in a musical household, my dad’s a musician and my mom was a radio DJ, so music has been a huge part of my life.

Time now for the thanks or saying something that I might forgot…
Thanks so much for this interview and that you to anyone who has supported Defgirp, MacNeil, or anything else I’ve been involved with!



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13 Responses to Em exclusivo – Harrison Boyce Interview

  1. muito bem Pedro curti a entrevista, e já lá vão dois da Defgrip, eu com o Nuno Oliveira e tu com o Harrison, Abraço e bom ano para todos

  2. Ricardo says:

    Bem fixe. Força com isto! Um 2010 em grande aqui no atitude ;)

  3. Sat says:

    Nice, continuem o bom trabalho.
    Parabéns ao Pedro e ao Henrique!
    E bom ano para todos, que tenham oportunidade de andar muito!

  4. jorgevalentzeferino says:

    grande entrevista, é isto que se quer.
    ele que mande o email ao boss e que depois postes aqui as respostas.

    good job.

  5. Henrique says:

    ehehe ganda entrevista!! :D bmxattd a bombar!!

  6. Pedro says:

    respect for boyce!!!

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  9. joaos says:

    mtomto fixe!

  10. Anónimo says:

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  12. Very nice article. I certainly love this site. Keep it up!

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