Verde Vagabonds In New Zealand

Antes de mais, aconselho-vos muito a verem isto!! São 15 minutos muito bons de se ver, com o Matt Priest e o Lima Eltham, juntamente com o Andrew ‘Inch’ Thomson, numa trip pela Nova Zelândia. Certamente, depois de vermos este vídeo, chegamos à conclusão que seria uma viagem de sonho. Repito, agora no fim, vejam mesmo isto. Tão bom!

“This trip had been talked about for a while, injuries had stopped it the year before but timing this year worked out perfectly. Martyn Tambling hit myself (Lima) and Matt Priest up just before Christmas asking about out future plans. It just so happened he would be in Queenstown the same time we were in New Zealand. This worked perfectly for us and we actually had some sort of very rough schedule. Inch, Priest and myself flew into Auckland and were greeted by Craig Stevens, him and George Bolter drew spots on our pull out map. The plan was to drive to Queenstown and back again, navigating the spots and scenery on the way down and back up. It honestly worked pretty perfectly, well except I broke my elbow in Queenstown, and Inch lost his wallet and passport at every opportunity, but pretty much perfect.” – Lima

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