Em exclusivo – Entrevista com Jared Chilko

Bem, lembram-se de ter sido dito numa notícia anterior que iam haver novidades muito brevemente?Pois é,essas novidades andam a surgir e aqui vos deixo a primeira!!Entrevista exclusiva ao novo e recente rider da Superstar,o  Jared Chilko…


Age: 22

Location: Edmonton, Alberta Canada

Years riding: 11

Hey Jared, can you introduce yourself as a person?

Well, I am pretty independent when it comes to most aspects of my life. I like to get things done on my own. Bmx is a huge part of my life and I try to use it as a creative tool.

How do you get into bmx? It was because any friends or what?

I used to skateboard at young age but always had a bmx bike. Even as young as 4 I had a little yellow bmx bike that I jumped around on.
When I was about 12 I saw a picture in a magazine and it was of a bmx rider jumping a big set, at that time I was like, “Sick, I got to get into this” Higher and faster than skateboarding FTW.

You had recently a sponsor change…How are the things going with Superstar? Can you talk what was the situation with Seshin?

Yeah, things are great with SuperStar, great image, awesome products, really good team, and the staff  (Julien and Med) communicate really well with me. As for Seshin, Ted (the owner) was having a tough time due to the new laws about inspection on bmx bikes. He told us that he was not clear on the future of Seshin right now and gave his riders the opportunity to accept offers from different companies. Best of  luck Ted!


Any plans for this new season? Travels, trips? Any signature part?

I plan to hit Vancouver a few times this year, head to the US if I can. Maybe even go to France in the near future if all works out. No signature parts yet but Superstar has been taking some of my input on products so that is great.

What about forums, you seem very well know, do you think it can help you in different ways, or is just for fun?

Haha, the forums are just fun but they can help to get your name out there for sure. I try to take it half-heartedly, but they are a great way to kill time and keep me busy when the weather is shit.

I’ve seen a lot of your web edits, is it something you do on daily basics?

Actually, it’s not something I do everyday. When I feel motivated I take my camera along and film stuff. Other than that, when the footage gets full on my computer I may edit the clips and put out a web video.
I have a big, full-length part that I working on this summer for  Superstar, really excited for this one.

When you aren’t riding what are you usually up to?

I am actually in my last year of university to be a highs school health/social teacher, I am so stoked to finally be done. Also, I am really into VW and other euro cars like Bmw and Audi. I work a lot on my VW Mk3 Vr6, tuning and modifying it. I also spend a lot of time with my girlfriend Mary. Video editing is another thing I spend a lot of time doing.

Do you know some Portuguese word? (laughs)

Haha, I wish, I am not very diverse in foreign languages at all. I have a few Portuguese friends that do though.

If you could change anything about the world, what would you change and why?

I wish there was an end of poverty. It holds so many individuals back. It’s just sad to think about it really, especially those who can’t even afford basic needs.

Any thanks?

Yeah, I want to thank Superstar Bmx, Chad at UGP, my girl, my family and my friends. Thanks for the interview too.

Thanks for this time, and your appreciate for this interview, hope someday we can ride some place over here.


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9 Responses to Em exclusivo – Entrevista com Jared Chilko

  1. Pedro says:

    jared chilko = best lookbacks!!! interessante!

  2. Alex says:

    honey! very nice!

  3. Gui Cunha says:

    A entrevista ta brutal coy :D Parabens e continuem com o bom trabalho

  4. João says:

    bastante interessante o andamento, no entando penso que devia trocar de guiador porque aqele aparenta tar empenado pa baixo. Os lookbacks estão agradáveis mas agora ali o table.. conheço um rapaz chamado ellinger q fazia uns mesmo abusados só q agora é uma menina =D e o estilo há um gajo gordo q manda mais basófia q esse. Resumindo os manos rulam e esse gajo sucks ;)

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  6. Peter says:

    João a mini na minha sala está pronta, baza dar um ride!

  7. tyzee says:

    the best part is when you say you are 22, and then when you said you’ve been riding 11 years. and then you say you started when you were twelve… and all the re used pictures.. haha

  8. tyzee says:

    and then in the interview on bmx union, when you say you were 14 or 15 when you started, haha.

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