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O video que esperava para ver já saiu! Grande roadtrip da Éclat! É bom ver países alternativos aos que estamos habituados a ver e spots novos para quem anda e para quem vai ver os edits! A team da Éclat certamente não vai esqueçer esta semana!

Stevie Churchill, Bruno Hoffmann, Alex Kennedy and Sean Burns made their way to Santiago, Chile to feast on empanadas, take in the abundant street art and ride some amazing South American spots. They did all of that, and survived a riot in the middle of it.

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In The Cut: Éclat in Chile

Este vai ser o video que não quero deixar passar no dia 16 de junho, próxima terça feira no site da DIG! Esta roadtrip no chile para quem tem acompanhado no IG dos riders tem sido qualquer coisa de única, desde manifestações, a gás lacrimogénio… teve um pouco de tudo!!!

In preparation for the upcoming Éclat in Chile video that we have dropping on Tuesday, we’ve got a behind-the-scenes look at what Bruno Hoffmann, Alex Kennedy, Stevie Churchill and Sean Burns got up to during their time in Chile and its capital city, Santiago. Ever tried to film a clip during a full-on riot in the street with tear gas filling your lungs? Or had all the windows in your hotel smashed to pieces in front of you? Nope… didn’t think so… Despite the turbulent conditions in Chile the guys came away with so much crazy footage for the camera of Rich Forne – look out for that right here on the 16th, along with full coverage from our man with tear-gassed eyeballs Ryan Scott.

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