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3 Day Metro Pass – Washington DC

Matt Miller, Tony Hamlin, Chad Osburn e o Jordan Hango foram ao encontro do Darryl Tocco em Washington para filmar uns clips e o resultado está à vista. Andamento à maneira!

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Kink in Panama

Com Tony Hamlin, Darryl Tocco, Sean Sexton, Dan Coller e Kazique Caballos a curtirem pelas ruas de Panama. Sempre bom ver andamento deste pessoal da Kink.

[youtuber youtube=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D7r1bjbFMUs’]

“After a trip fell through last minute to Honduras (due to some real world problems)…we decided instead of not going anywhere…to find the next best place that was cheap enough to enjoy. Panama City, Panama came to mind. After a few phone calls and text messages to some people that have been there…the tickets were booked, and our luxury sky rise apartment was payed for! Besides that, we didn’t know much about the place, or what we were getting into. Come to find out, the place is stacked. The footage you see is a mere 3% of what there is to ride in the city. Security is super tight, police are everywhere, and it is just plain not easy to ride spots there. You have to take a completely different approach to filming and riding in Panama; one that not many of the dudes are accustomed to. With all the hassles of security, strange people, language barriers, and cops with machine guns…we had an amazing time, and are stoked to have been able to not only ride some new spots, but meet the locals and have an awesome session. Thanks to everyone down there for the hospitality, and especially Ramon Pereira for the help and support during our trip.” 

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Darryl Tocco for Kink

O Darryl Tocco já faz parte da Kink á mais anos do que alguns de nós andamos de bike… muita das vezes ele está por trás da câmara, mas agora é o contrário! Gostei do edit também pla música, já há algum tempo que não via um edit só com instrumental!

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ÉCLATX – Éclat BMX in Texas

A team mais diversificada de sempre no Texas durante 9 dias. Com: Stevie Churchill, Sean Burns, Shane Weston, Darryl Tocco, Geoff Slattery e Dan Coller.

[youtuber youtube=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o9SHHVgAvdg’]

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OLP #11

Andamento do bom em street, com Abdul Fofanah, Sean Burns, Lee Hopkins, Matt Busby, Chris Crawford, Jake Frost, Rob Bottomley, Aaron Smith, Chris Tolley, Matt Mantas e Darryl Tocco. 3 minutinhos e meio que se vêem muito bem.

[youtuber vimeo=’https://vimeo.com/92274761′]

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Fall Jerry’s

O Aaron Smith começou com uma série de edits, filmado e editado por ele mesmo. Fica aqui o segundo com Darryl Tocco, Lee Hopkins, Sean Sexton, Matty Aquizap, James Steele, Brian Hunt, Jake Patruchik, Webster Jake, Josh Lane, Rob Bottomly, Matt (Jerry) Busby, Aaron Smith, Jay Roe e Trevor Ashworth. Está bem fixe, bom andamento em street e park.

[youtuber vimeo=’https://vimeo.com/87307587′]

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Summer Jerry’s

Bons spots.

“Darryl Gave me his VX in the spring, so i’ve been having fun figuring everything out.”     -Aaron Smith

[youtuber vimeo=’http://vimeo.com/76878914′]

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Éclat BMX Kings of Kong Tour

Nathan Williams, Anthony Perrin, Darryl Tocco, Shane Weston e Dillon Loyd foram a Hong Kong por 11 dias e este foi o resultado. Filmado e editado por Peter Adam. Achei piada ao comentário do Team Manager da Éclat, Paul Robinson

“Even as I paid for the tickets I realised this was going to be a huge gamble, we had to trust the fact that Hong Kong is a massive city, and if the architecture touches the clouds then there must be shit to ride. We just had to find it.”

[youtuber youtube=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IPuHRBiFTqo’]

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Journey’s Backyard BBQ

Com Darryl Tocco, Devon Smillie, Sean Ricany e mais…a darem uma demo em mini ramp no Journey’s Backyard BBQ. Só andamento do bom! O Devon matou mesmo.

Osiris Riders @ Journey’s Backyard BBQ – More BMX Videos

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Darryl Tocco Edit & Interview

Grande edit da Osiris com o Darryl Tocco. Boa qualidade e andamento à maneira fazem deste edit algo bom de se ver…Eu curti! Podem também ver uma interview com ele AQUI!

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